Beer it ain't ...but with a delicate balance of sweet and dry, it's a mighty tasty drop!
After months of tinkering (and a whole new bunch of paperwork), our Small Batch, Pale Apple Cider is ready is now available and proving extremely popular since launching on the 1st July. As connoisseurs of the beery kind, we were a little unsure about our foray into this new world of beverage, however the millions of requests we've received since opening the doors convinced us of the need to have this in our lineup as an alternative for the non-beer drinkers who enjoy visits to breweries.

At 5.6% Alc/Vol, this cider needs to be handled with care as it's easy drinking quality will have you falling from the tree before you've had a chance to enjoy the view.


5.4% ABV

Please ensure you keep your takeaway cider refrigerated at all times to ensure premium drinkability. Drink Fresh! As with our beers, Cider takeaways should be enjoyed within a matter of days after purchase and are not suited to long term storage.