In the spirit of collaborative, craft brewing necromancy, Block ’n Tackle and Oldfield Cellars have communicated with the spirits of Berlins’ 16th century brewers to bring you the Hoodoo Sour. This is Block ’n Tackles’ very first sour beer brewed in the centuries old ‘Berliner Weisse’ style. Brewed with a combination of all-Australian wheat and barley, the batch has been inoculated with the lactobacillus brevis strain to deliver the lactic acid tartness – a pre-requisite of a Berliner Weisse. This sourness is balanced through the addition of 100kg of fresh Aussie strawberries delivering the pink colour tones and the delightful aroma and taste from the glass. Also true to tradition, the Hoodoo Sour weighs in at only 3.1% ABV and with high carbonation, there is an almost champagne like quality to the mouth feel. For those new to the world of sour’s, be prepared for something completely different to beer conventions - but remain open minded and you’ll fall under the spell of an amazingly refreshing brew.

SPECIALTY BREW: A collaborative small batch brew for Summer!

3.1% ABV / 3.1 SRM / 7 IBU

Hoodoo Sour can be served in a champagne or bowl-like glass to emphasise
its unique characterisitcs. It makes a perfect refreshing pre-dinner drink,
or save it to enjoy with a sweet dessert.