All Block ’n Tackle brews are lovingly crafted in small batches to ensure freshness. While we do our best to keep up with demand, our beers can be here today and gone tomorrow. As we constantly evolve our range of beers, we encourage you to check back often to see what’s available. All beers are brewed on-site.

All Block ’n Tackle beers are free of artificial additives and preservatives.


In the spirit of collaborative, craft brewing necromancy, Block ’n Tackle and Oldfield Cellars have communicated with the spirits of Berlins’ 16th century brewers to bring you the Hoodoo Sour. This is Block ’n Tackles’ very first sour beer brewed in the centuries old ‘Berliner Weisse’ style. Brewed with a combination of all-Australian wheat and barley, the batch has been inoculated with the lactobacillus brevis strain to deliver the lactic acid tartness – a pre-requisite of a Berliner Weisse. This sourness is balanced through the addition of 100kg of fresh Aussie strawberries delivering the pink colour tones and the delightful aroma and taste from the glass. Also true to tradition, the Hoodoo Sour weighs in at only 3% ABV and with high carbonation, there is an almost champagne like quality to the mouth feel. For those new to the world of sour’s, be prepared for something completely different to beer conventions - but remain open minded and you’ll fall under the spell of an amazingly refreshing brew.

SPECIALTY BREW: A collaborative small batch brew for Summer! A strictly limited release of 375mL cans are being made available at Oldfield Cellars

3% ABV / 3.1 SRM / 7 IBU

Hoodoo Sour can be served in a champagne or bowl-like glass to emphasise its unique characterisitcs. It makes a perfect refreshing pre-dinner drink, or save it to enjoy with a sweet dessert.


First released for Oktoberfest 2017, Korff's Lager is back for 2018. This special release seasonal celebrates an unexpected visit to Brisbane Water in 1836 by shipbuilder John Korff. Korff’s visit to the Central Coast came about when the paddle steamer ‘Ceres’ he was a passenger on struck rocks and was wrecked near Norah Head on 29th August 1836. Having survived the trip to shore along with 58 lucky sheep (originally 60: one drowned, one was killed & roasted on the beach), Korff purchased and then salvaged the wreck using the hull to build ‘Rovers Bride’ - a cutter which he launched from Cabbage Tree Bay in April 1838. Like John, our new lager won’t be hanging around too long. With a blend of Munich and Vienna malts balanced by a generous dose of noble Hallertau hops, this beer pours a rich amber with a tight, brilliant white head presenting a delightful biscuit-malt aroma. With a malty sweet taste at the start and finish, Korff’s Lager is a true thirst quenching beer. Did you know? Coffs Harbour was named after John Korff after he'd taken refuge there in 1847. ‘Coffs’ was later chosen as the preferred spelling for the North Coast township.

SPECIALTY BREW: Limited stock only!

5.1% ABV / 9.1 SRM / 21 IBU

Get in the spirit and pair with anything German like a Bavarian sausage or pork knuckle (Schweinshaxe). Failing that, roast lamb on the beach ‘Korff style’ doesn’t sound too bad either!


A small batch German Hefeweizen named after of one of Brisbane Waters’ earliest shipbuilders - Robert Henderson!
Firs released for Oktoberfest 2017, this is a German wheat beer and as this style demands, we’ve used a 50/50 split of Pilsner and Wheat malt with a small addition of noble German hops. Pale straw in colour and with a large stark white head, the aromas and flavours are strongly driven by the yeast strain and brings to mind banana and cloves (some even suggest a flavour note of bubblegum). The hops are very restrained with the yeast character shining through. Just like the aromas and flavours in our Hef, the colourful story of Henderson’s life is rich and complex. As well as his shipbuilding forays around the 1830’s, Henderson was also the first district constable of Brisbane Water, a grazier, mariner, shipowner, local council member and licencee of a Sydney pub. Being implicated in a rum smuggling operation in Broken Bay in 1842 only built on the legend of this local buccaneering character. Henderson died in 1869 and was laid to rest in a private family cemetery on his property - now known as the Veteran Hall Cemetery at Saratoga. This cemetery is listed with the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage and well worth a visit if you’re interested in the early pioneering history of the region!

SPECIALTY BREW: Limited stock only!

4.4% ABV / 3.0 SRM / 10 IBU

The texture and low bitterness makes this ale go with most foods, stick to the theme and pair with a German-style roasted pork dish followed up with Apple Strudel.


Brewed for easy drinking and packed with fruit aromas and flavours, this brew is now earning a more permanent place in the brewery taproom!
Before even the first taste and smell, the Scud XPA promises refreshment at first glance with its pale straw colour and tight, brilliant white head. This XPA (Extra Pale Ale) is hop driven and its no wonder as we've dry hopped using a blend of 7 different hops sourced from Australia, New Zealand and the US. This unique combination (which we're keeping a tight secret) produces the massive 'Summer fruits' aroma and flavour notes. At 28IBU's, the sessionable quality of Scud XPA is driven by the relatively low bitterness compared the American Pales and IPA's which typically sit at over 40 and 50IBU's respectively. The Scud takes its name from a 27 ton ketch built in Brisbane Water in 1850 by a shipbuilder who's name has not survived in official records. Soon after construction, it left Newcastle in May 1850 with 4 crew bound for Sydney and was never seen again - weeks later, an empty boat belonging to the Scud was found washed up on Putty Beach in Broken Bay.


4.8% ABV / 2.9 SRM / 28 IBU

Scud XPA will be your perfect travel companion to barbecues and parties as it will pair easily with just about anything edible.

Red Lizzie American Amber Ale


Just like George Frost’s first ship, we’ve named this specialty brew after a true pioneer of the Kincumber district.

Launched from his Kincumber shipyard in 1884, George Frost’s first ship was aptly named after his beloved bride – the amazing ‘Lizzie Frost’. Having raised their 18 children meant Lizzie was undoubtedly worthy of this honour, but it was her caring, charitable ways that made Lizzie a legend in the area where she lived her 93 years. Just like Lizzie, our new Amber Ale has plenty going on! We’ve blended Topaz, Centennial and Amarillo hops to create some bold, fruity citrus aroma and flavour notes. This hoppiness is carefully balanced by a smooth malt profile which includes a generous amount of crystal malt to deliver the deep reddish/amber hue and the residual malt sweetness. Enjoy!

STOCKS: GOOD - temporarily off tap while seasonals are still pouring!

5.8% ABV / 17 SRM / 45 IBU

Red Lizzie goes down a treat with pizza’s or other Italian dishes where tomato, grilled meats, mozzarella or parmesan cheeses are used.

Rock Lily Pale Ale


Brewed as an American style pale with a blend of all-Australian grains and hops!
Our highly popular pale ale is named after the SS Rock Lily. Built in 1906, this was the last ship to be built by George Frost at his Kincumber Creek shipyards which were located just across the road from our brewery. Although an American style pale ale, the Rock Lily showcases all that Australia has to offer the new world of brewing using all Australian grains and hops. Built on a backbone of pale and Munich malts, we’ve added oats to strengthen the mouthfeel and a little Crystal to counter the hop bitterness. Speaking of hops, both Topaz and Vic Secret have been combined to bring this beer together in a perfect balance of malt sweetness, hop bitterness and hop flavour.

STOCKS: Running low - fresh batch brewing!

5.4% ABV / 7.8 SRM / 44 IBU

Pair with salty or charred meat flavours to balance the hoppiness: Grilled meats, pizza, Mexican, pulled pork and fried chicken.


New recipe adjustment means more hop flavour and aroma with less emphasis on malts for even smoother drinking!
Get set for an even fruitier explosion with our new take on the highly popular Jon Piper American IPA! By removing dark grains from our recipe, we've moved the balance a little away from the malt base and over to the hops. Maintaining the blend of 'Mosaic' and 'Equinox' hop varieties produces the incredible tropical fruit bowl aroma explosion with distinct melon, citrus and floral tones demonstrating why these hops are in such demand. The aromas are immediately translated into the first sip with the sweet malty base now paired back to allow a balance towards the fruity hop flavours. The bitterness is firm, but incredibly smooth resulting in a brew that promises to satisfy.


6.6% ABV / 6.5 SRM / 55 IBU

The extra hoppiness of our IPA requires equally strong food flavours - the fruity citrus hops in this edition will work incredibly well with a good cheddar cheese and strong barbecued meat flavours. Avoid delicate dishes - they'll get lost the hop explosion!

Rip Bridge Golden Ale


Cross that bridge into the world of hand crafted beers!
Made with all Australian Pilsner and Wheat malts, this very approachable ale is our ‘gateway’ beer for drinkers who are new to the world of craft beer. Hopped lightly with NZ Nelson Sauvin hops, our Rip Bridge Golden Ale is a very sessionable ale and perfect for year-round drinking.


5.4% ABV / 3.2 SRM / 23 IBU

Uncomplicated, this ale goes well with just about any food: Barbecues, coconut-based curries, white fish, veggie burgers!

Sir Thomas Porter


Better a beer named after you than a passage!
Our salute to former NSW Governor Sir Thomas MacDougall Brisbane – the man with the biggest passage (of water) on the Central Coast named after him. While a man of faith, we believe our Porter brewed in the traditional English style would have surely tempted. A dark, almost opaque ale with ruby highlights, this ale (like all our core beers), has been brewed using all Australian grains – 5 varieties in total! Without a doubt this ale is centred around the roasted malt flavours with a perfect dose of chocolate and coffee flavours on offer too. Caramalt and crystal have been used to counter the dryness of the roasted grain, leaving a well balanced dark beer that has been subtly hopped - don’t expect any hop flavours here!


5.3% ABV / 27 SRM / 28 IBU

Amazing with oysters! Roasted maltiness works well with tomato-based pasta and pizzas, grilled meat and onions. Did we mention oysters?

The Waggy Wit


Our shout to the Wharf at Wagstaffe!
To all our friends at the live music venue ‘Wharf at Waggy’, this one’s for you! The Block ’n Tackle Waggy Wit has been carefully crafted as a traditional, unfiltered Belgian style wheat beer. Made with an all Australian 50/50 mix of Pilsner malt and raw wheat, this wit is brewed in the traditional Belgian way using coriander seed and orange zest. The German noble hops are not the star in this beer – however fermentation at a slightly elevated temperature has allowed the specialty Belgian yeast to impart a delightful, slightly spicy flavour profile that balances well with the velvety mouthfeel to truly quench any thirst.

STOCKS: GOOD - temporarily off tap while Hendo's Hef is still pouring

4.7% ABV / 3.1 SRM / 15 IBU

Easily pairs with a variety of food including coconut and citrus based Thai dishes, mild cheeses. Awesome with deep fried calamari!


Beer it ain't ...but with a delicate balance of sweet and dry, it's a mighty tasty drop!
After months of tinkering (and a whole new bunch of paperwork), our Small Batch, Pale Apple Cider is ready is now available and proving extremely popular since launching on the 1st July. As connoisseurs of the beery kind, we were a little unsure about our foray into this new world of beverage, however the millions of requests we've received since opening the doors convinced us of the need to have this in our lineup as an alternative for the non-beer drinkers who enjoy visits to breweries.

At 5.6% Alc/Vol, this cider needs to be handled with care as it's easy drinking quality will have you falling from the tree before you've had a chance to enjoy the view.

STOCKS: Running Low!

5.6% ABV

Please ensure you keep your takeaway cider refrigerated at all times to ensure premium drinkability. Drink Fresh! As with our beers, Cider takeaways should be enjoyed within a matter of days after purchase and are not suited to long term storage.


2017 Vintage Edition 2nd Anniversary Special Release
Following in the footsteps of Frost 1, our second anniversary release is crafted from the same combination of base and specialty malts to deliver a rich, dark and complex brew that is as black as night. A subtle elevation in mash temperature has delivered a more robust body with the heady aromas of dark malts and the sweet alcohol spirit in the background still retained. 78 IBU’s of bettering hops balance the roasted malt and dark fruit flavours. Bottle conditioned, this special brew can be enjoyed fresh, or cellared to allow the yeast to continue the development of flavours.

Read a review of the new Frost here at The Crafty Pint!


8.7% ABV / 36 SRM / 78 IBU
750mL Bottles - SOLD OUT